The Ashbourne Heritage Centre

The Ashbourne Heritage Centre is at 13 Church St, Ashbourne.

13 Church St

The Ashbourne Heritage Centre at 13 Church St Ashbourne.

There are two important exhibitions planned at the Heritage Centre this year.  The first will be about Royal Shrovetide Football which is to be held on Tuesday 28th February 2017 and Wednesday 1st March 2017.  (Shrovetide football has its own webpage on this site, see banner line).

In the summer the Centre will become one of the three venues in the town for an exhibition called Ashbourne Treasures.  For fuller details visit their website at

Parties of 8 or more are welcome at other times by agreement: please email us to discuss such arrangements.



Heritage C inner room BAt the Heritage Centre you will find displays about the businesses, people, buildings and customs of Ashbourne and the surrounding area for any period. There are displays of artefacts relating to Ashbourne’s past.  From time to time there are displays artefacts on subjects which will have affected the life style of Ashbourne’s residents.


Here are a few of the items that have been part of displays

Some Ashbourne scenes
Larger scale pictures of these and other images are available on the Galleries pages.