Quiz 2013: Answers



(Quiz Compiled by T Shaw)

First Prize: Mr Mason from Cromford
Second Prize: Mr Swarbrick from Burton-on-Trent
Third Prize: Mr Towers from Mickleover



1. Who was the Father of the illegitimate William Peverill? William the Conqueror
2. Who was the actor born in Ilkeston in 1949, star of Citizen Smith? Robert Lindsay
3. Who was the architect of the Palace Hotel, Buxton? Henry Currey
4. Who was the famous writer, friend of Dr. Taylor, who lived at The Mansion, Ashbourne? Dr Samuel Johnson
5. Who was the architect of the 17th century Bolsover Castle? Huntingdon, Smithson and Son
6. Who was the architect of the Derby Guildhall of 1842?. Henry Duesberry
7. Who rebuilt St. Peter’s Church, Parwich? Robinson of Derby
8. Who built Riber Castle? John Smedley
9. Who founded the Tideswell Grammar School? Bishop Robert Pursglove
10. Who was the first national chairman of the W.I.? Lord Denman
11. Who are the Spirettes? Chesterfield F.C.
12. Who was the author born in Glossop who won the Booker Prize? Hilary Mantel
13. Who was the cruel master of Litton Mill? Ellis Needham
14. Who gave the East Window in Sudbury Church? Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
15. Who was the Viceroy of India 1899-1905? Lord Curzon of Keddleston


16. When was the Peak District first designated a national park? 17 April 1951
17. When did the great plague of Chesterfield hit Clowne? 1582
18. When was the Cromford and Erewash Canal last used as a working waterway? 1944
19. When was Eastwood Hall destroyed by Parliamentary troops? 1646
20. When did Derby’s Free Library and Museum open? 1879
21. When was the last case of gibbeting in the County of Derby? 8 March 1815
22. When were the Clergy Widows Almshouses in Ashbourne built? 1733
23. When was Derby hit by a Tornado? September 2006
24. When was the High Peak Hunt established? 1848
25. When was Belper Town F.C. founded? 1882
26. When was Derby’s Bus Station finally demolished? June 2006
27. When was Derby’s last burning at the stake? 1693
28. When are Bradwell’s four wells dressed?  First week in August
29. When was Ashford Marble first mined by Henry Watson?  1748
30. When do the Almshouses of St John in Bakewell date from?  1709


31. Where was Catherine Mumford (Booth) born?  Sturston Road, Ashbourne
32. Where was the sculptor Francis Leggatt Chantrey born?  Norton
33. Where was Jedediah Strutt born?  Newton by Blackwell
34. Where was the author Alison Uttley born?  Castle Top Farm, Cromford
35. Where was the painter Joseph Wright born?  Irongate, Derby
36. Where was Arthur Lowe of Dad’s army fame born?  Hayfield
37. Where was the Cookery Writer, Constance Spry, born?  Derby
38. Where was M.P. Denis Skinner born?  Chesterfield
39. Where was Blue John mined?  Castleton
40. Where was the Engineer James Brindley born (1716-1772)?  Tunstead
41. Where is Sharpe’s pottery?  Swadlincote
42. Where was Peak Practice filmed?  Crich
43. Where is the Watts-Russell Inn?  Hopedale .
44. Where is the official start of the Pennine way?  Edale
45. Where was the album cover for the Rolling Stones album ‘Hot  Rocks’ shot? Swarkestone Pavillion

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