Previous Years’ Programmes

Here are some of the details from the lecture programmes for 2011-12 and 2012-13 just to indicate the varied nature of our programme.  Accounts of some of our meetings as reported in the local newspaper are published on a separate page of this website.


Working at Ecton Copper mines 1760-90                     Lindsey Porter

History of Musical Instruments                                      Alan Hopkins

Ashbourne and its Railways                                          Mark Tyack

Ellastone and Calwich Abbey Connections                   David Smith

Notorious Women of Derbyshire                                   Joan Ward

The Family Cockayne                                                    Alan Cockayne


The story of Britain’s first deep oil well                          Cliff Lea

The Army Padre service                                                Clive Tougher

Towards Enlightenment                                                 Stuart Gillis, Derby Museum

Female Entrepreneurs in Georgian Ashbourne             Peter Collinge

King James’ Bible and the Boook of Common Prayer  Charles Wimbush